About Us

Looking for in-depth knowledge on starting a clothing line? Project Stitch is on hand, ready to help!

There’s no simple, turnkey way to start a clothing brand. The good new is, with Project Stitch’s experienced design team handling every step of the development process for you, your apparel dreams will be a reality in no time.

Whether your vision includes embroidery, a fabric fold-over, zippers, extravagant stitching, stabilizers, or elastics, Project Stitch has cut and sew fashion solutions. 

Visualize in a different way with Project Stitch. Take our word for it: Once you can see how clothing is constructed, it will appear a lot less intimidating.

Singular and Unique: Driving Industry Trends

Most garments that are printed or embroidered, are off-the-shelf, pre-made, blank garments. The cut and sew garments of Project Stitch, on the other hand, are singular and unique.

  • Singular
  • Unique Fashion
  • Comfort
  • Highest Quality Material

Sourced from the Highest Quality

Project Stitch maintains a proven track record in cut and sew production services for fashion designers, boutique owners, apparel entrepreneurs, Amazon sellers, industry fashion enthusiasts, and everything in between! 

As Harry Winston once observed: “People will stare. Make it worth their while.” Project Stitch invites you to build and scale your fashion brand in a bold, vivid, intentional manner, using a technology-based system to create your apparel. Considering starting a clothing brand? Project Stitch’s in-house team of fashion specialists is prepared to provide step-by-step help from start to finish with every area of your business. Starting your own clothing line is a multifaceted process. Project Stitch helps you to streamline the process, freeing you up so that it can also be rewarding! From fabrics to construction details, Project Stitch walks you through the process so that you gain a deep insight into your finished product.   

Actualize Your Design

Ready to turn heads? At Project Stitch, we’re adamant about your vision and we’re ready to help you make it worth their while! Get the personalized support you need to actualize your specific design idea! From concept development to execution, Project Stich’s expertise makes it all seamless! 

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